The company you keep….
As the saying goes, You Are Known By The Company You Keep. At Fourth Millennium, we have forged strong partnerships with some of
the best names in the industry… IBM, Arrow, DBI brothers, Optim, Cognos.
Working Together
A partnership is not only about offerings and opportunities. A true partnership is a commitment to aid and support your partners. We firmly believe our partners are as committed to your project success as we are.

By teaming with strong partners, FMT adds great value to the solutions provided to our clients. Our deep understanding of the internals of DB2 and how to exploit its capabilities and family of related products including Gridscale, Optim, Cognos, InfoSphere Warehouse and IBM's other Information Management products, combined with our extensive understanding of the hardware and operating systems on which the solutions reside, is the key value we bring to our clients.

We provide: Quick and correct resolutions on important issues or problems; knowledge of trends and directions in both hardware and DB2; strong hands-on experience with the cutting edge DB2 family of products. Our partners turn to us and we turn to them to ensure the best solutions for the client's individual situation and needs.
Our Partners
Publisher of DB2 and associated products as well as cutting edge server
DBI Software is the Best-in-Class Performance Monitoring, Tuning, and Trending Tools for IBM DB2 ® LUW.
Arrow is a large distributer of information technology hardware and software
Satisfied Customers
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