Corporate History

Fourth Millennium Technologies began operations in 1997 to meet the need for experienced, deeply skilled data architects in the growing discipline of Data Warehousing and Parallel Processing.

Founder James Sobieski and his teams' experience with IBM's advanced database technology and research can provide the knowledge to design and build data warehouses (or OLTP systems) effectively and cost efficiently. The data is already there...the challenge is to design a data warehouse to efficiently house the data, transform the data into valuable business information and present it to the user, all in rapidly shrinking time schedules. FMT has a proven track record and can do this for your company.

About us

FMT is an Information Technology consulting firm specializing in Database Design, Implementation and Performance and Tuning.

We provide only the best highly skilled, experienced personnel and have the strongest, deepest, skills and knowledge in DB2 in the country.

As an IBM Premier Business Partner we have provided solutions to over 50% of the Fortune 500 companies, providing the architectural and senior technical skills needed to tackle the toughest challenges in data processing.
What we do
We specialize in
 Very Large Datawarehouse
Large OLTP systems
Business Intelligence
Our focus expertise
  DB2/UDB on Linux, Unix and Windows
  DB2 for z/OS
  DB2 Tools
Our Mission
FMT is committed to providing professional excellence in every engagement and ensuring CUSTOMER success. We are committed to having the consultants with the deepest knowledge of comples Warehousing and OLTP systems and the deepest, strongest knowledge of the capabilities and tuning of DB2 on all platforms.
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